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This week Prime Minister Stephen Harper requested the approval of Parliament for an extension of Canada's mission against ISIL in Iraq and the possibility of expanding air strikes into ISIL bases in Syria. ISIL has been taking refuge in Syria and the Assad government is either "unwilling or unable" to prevent them from stagin operations and conducting attacks into Iraq from Syrian territory. The Government of Iraq, which has a legal right to self-defence under international law and Article 51 of the United Nations Charter, officially requested international military assistance.

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Baloney Meter – Caring for the Whole Economy

March 27, 2015

Statement: The Harper Government has focused economically 100% on the oil and gas sector, putting all its eggs in that basket while neglecting all other economic sectors, according to Justin Trudeau and his economic advisor. Facts: In 2009 the Government…

50′s Plus Expo Agenda – March 28, 2015

March 24, 2015

Exhibits: Alzheimer’s Society, CAOT, CARP, Canadian Diabetes Association, Canadian Hearing Society, CNIB, Community Care Access Centre, Community Justice Initiatives, Community Support Connections, Grand River Transit, Heritage Greens Lawn Bowling Club, Home Instead Senior Care, Libro Credit Union, MACKS, Retire at…

Baloney Meter – The Government Honours the Flag

March 13, 2015

Statement: The Conservative Government didn’t celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Canadian Flag because Lester Pearson was a Liberal. Facts: Our flag’s fiftieth anniversary on February 15, 2015 was recognized by the Government as the next historic milestone on the…

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