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The Conservative Government has balanced the federal budget. In order to promote fiscal responsibility in future years, it has also introduced balanced budget legislation. This legislation is designed to prevent the federal government from presenting a budget deficit except in extraordinary circumstances (such as another major recession). If the government goes into a deficit outside of these situations, the salaries of Ministers and Deputy Ministers would be reduced by 5% and an automatic operating freeze would go into effect until a return to balanced budgets is achieved.

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Baloney Meter – Family Tax Cut

May 11, 2015

Statement: The Conservative Government’s Family Tax Cut provides tax relief to only the wealthy. Facts: The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) estimated that 15 per cent of Canadian households will qualify for the tax cut, or about two million families. In…

Baloney Meter – Debt and Deficit

April 24, 2015

Statement: Justin Trudeau claims that more than two-thirds of all the federal debt outstanding in Canada today can be attributed to the deficits accumulated by Brian Mulroney and Stephen Harper and that it’s an historical fact that “Liberals balance budgets.”…

The Bishop and the MP

April 24, 2015

I call this the story of the Bishop and the Member of Parliament. It illustrates an often-overlooked fact about poverty in Canada – that Canadian incomes are not always static but instead Canadians enjoy a high degree of social mobility…

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