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With over 160 bills passed into law during the 41st Parliament, including copyright modernization, tax reductions, pooled pension plans, and combatting counterfeiting,

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Baloney Meter – Funding for the Canadian Forces

June 16, 2015

Statement: The Opposition claims that the Conservative Government has not done enough to support the Canadian Forces Facts: The Government has made significant investments in the Canadian Forces since 2006. The National Defence budget has been increased from $14.5 billion…

Baloney Meter – Middle Class Economic Gains

June 16, 2015

Statement: Justin Trudeau says that the Canadian middle class is struggling, has been forgotten, is falling behind, and that the Canadian dream has been taken away. Facts: In the 1980s, unemployment was in double digits and inflation was soaring. In…

Baloney Meter – Family Tax Cut

May 11, 2015

Statement: The Conservative Government’s Family Tax Cut provides tax relief to only the wealthy. Facts: The Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) estimated that 15 per cent of Canadian households will qualify for the tax cut, or about two million families. In…

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