When Should You Start Thinking About Geriatric Care for Pets?

As a person who loves and cares for a pet, the health of your animal friend is very important. Pets, like humans, grow old. When this happens, they need things called geriatric care. This kind of care is to make sure your pets are happy and healthy even when they are old. This article will give you a lot of information about geriatric care. This will help you make the best choices for your pet.

Understanding the Old Age of Pets and Regular Health Checks

As your pet gets older, they may need different kinds of care. Most dogs and cats start to get old when they are seven to ten years old. It is at this age that you should start thinking about geriatric care. At this time, you might want to think about taking your pet to the vet more often for health checks. Most vets say that you should bring your pet for a check-up every six months once they become old. Here are some things that happen during these health checks:

  • Physical Exam: The vet will look at your pet all over. This is to see if there are any problems they can spot just by looking and touching. They will look at your pet’s ears, eyes, mouth, skin, heart, lungs, stomach, muscles, joints, and bones.
  • Disease Detection: The vet will do tests to see if your pet has any diseases. They will try to find common diseases that old dogs and cats can get, like diabetes and arthritis. Finding these diseases early can help your pet live a longer and happier life.
  • Urinalysis: This is a test that looks at your pet’s pee. It can tell the vet if your pet’s kidneys are working well. This is important because many old pets can have problems with their kidneys.
  • Heartworm Test and Parasite Prevention: These tests look for worms that live in the heart and other parasites. They are very important to keep your pet healthy.

Good Things About Vet Geriatrics

Vet geriatrics is special care for old pets. It can do a lot to help geriatric pets in Windsor. This kind of care can make your pet live longer. It can also make sure your pet feels better in their old age. Here are some good things about vet geriatrics:

  • Regular Monitoring: Old pets can be watched closely for any health problems. This means problems can be found and treated early. This makes your pet healthier and happier.
  • Catered Care: Many old pets have more than one health problem. Vet geriatrics can look at all these problems at the same time. This means your pet gets the best care for all their problems.
  • Improved Quality of Life: Vet geriatrics can help your pet feel better. It can manage pain your pet might have. It can also find any problems with your pet’s bone marrow. Overall, this kind of care lets your pet live a happy and comfortable life even in old age.

Vaccines for Pets

Shots for your pet called vaccines are very important. These shots help keep your pet healthy, especially when they are old. These pet vaccines can help protect your pet from diseases. Some of these diseases are in the air. Some of them can be brought into your house even without you noticing. Old pets can have weak immune systems, which is the body’s way of fighting diseases. So vaccines become even more important.

Dental Health for Pets

Taking care of your pet’s teeth is very important. A lot of people don’t think about it, but pets can have problems with their teeth, too. A full check-up of your pet’s teeth is part of comprehensive pet dental care. This includes cleaning, removing hard build-up called scale, pulling out bad teeth, and more. The vet can also see if there are any signs of other health problems in your pet’s mouth.

The End of the Story

When it comes to geriatric care for your pets, the earlier you start, the better. Starting when your pet is just beginning to get old can make a big difference. This difference is in how healthy, how happy, and how long your pet lives. Remember, each pet grows old in its own way. From regular visits to the vet to taking care of their teeth to special old pet care, your attention to their health is a big gift you can give to your pet. It is the best way to thank them for their companionship and love.